Wax Free Leather Lotion

Kelly's Wax free Leather Lotion
Kelly's Wax free Leather Lotion
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Cleans and conditions smooth, grained and glove leathers, Kid, luster-calf, Lizard, alligator, Patents, Vinyl, plastics. Don't use on suede or napped materials.

Use frequently to give leather a smooth soft finish and keep the natural luster of your shoes. Helps retard water, cracking and salt spotting. Good for all colors but as with all products always test on inconspicuous area first.

We have been testing this product and according to the manufacturer the advantage of using this wax free lotion is that it soaks into the leather better because it is wax free. It doesn't seem to change the finish on the leather but you can really see that it is feeding the leather and making it soft and supple.