Water Guard Extreme

Water Guard Extreme
Water Guard Extreme
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Water-Guard Extreme

"WATER" Water Repellent

"SUN" U-V-Block, Protects color and fabric from sun damage. Can't wait to try this on our boat cover and my golf bag which unfortunately has already faded some.

"MILDEW" Invisible coating resists odor and discoloration caused by mold, mildew, fungi and algae.

Contains 12 FL.OZ. of heavy duty repellent with polymers that cross-link for maximum waterproofing and durability in a single application. It is so concentrated there is potential for visible residue on some items. If in doubt, spray it onto a small bit of cloth and use that cloth to apply it with less potential for excess.

For tents, boots, outdoor clothing, tarps, boat covers, back packs, golf bags, umbrellas, luggage, flags, etc.

Allows leather and fabric to breathe.

Scent free when dried and cured.

Safe for use on Gore-Tex and all waterproof breathable fabics.

Contains Silicone. Approved for sale in California. Made by the makers of Sno-Seal and Silicone Water-guard.