Shoe Shine Kit

Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye - 90 colors to choose from.

Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye-Leather Dye
Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye-Leather Dye
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The Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye makes it easy to either restore the color of your shoes, handbags or other leather goods or to change the color. There are many colors to choose from. There are also metallics, different shades of gold and silver and also bronze.

Tarrago Color Chart

This product is very easy to use and comes with instructions.

The different colors can also be mixed if you donít see exactly what you are looking for. It leaves a nice finish on the leather with a little shine to it. This product will dye the leather it is not a paint. This is not for suede or nubuck.

Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye kit contains

1 Bottle containing 25ml. of Self Shine Color Dye.

1 Bottle containing 25 ml. of Preparer to clean shoe before dyeing.

Paintbrush, Sponge, and direction leaflet.

This easy to use dye will change the color or restore the color of leather, canvas and imitation leather. Repels water and will not crack or chip.

Please read and follow the directions which are provided. It is important to use "light" coats and to let the shoes dry thoroughly, it says 5 hours. The leather gets smooth and flexible and dye will not peel.

Fun to do and it's a dye, a water based dye, and will not come off like shoe polish but your work area and hands will clean up with soap and water. I like to mask off areas I don't want to dye it makes things easier.

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