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Tarrago Leather Care Balm

Tarrago Leather Care Balm
Tarrago Leather Care Balm
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Tarrago Leather Care Balm cleaner and conditioner has a special formula enriched to clean deeply into the leather surface. It's mineral water and vegetable oils nourish the leather and make it smooth and supple.

Testing on an inconspicuous area is recommended. Not for suede or nubuck. 4.23 Fl Oz.

We used it on a vintage handbag that felt dry like it had never been conditioned and it really made the leather feel so much softer and brought the color back. After being neglected so long it take a few applications. This is a neutral color with no color pigment added.

Tarrago makes other quality shoe care products also. The Tarrago Shoe Cream that comes in a wide variety of colors and The Tarrogo Self Shine Polish that you just apply and let dry. You can polish with a cloth if you want but it isn't necessary. Tarrago also makes the Tarrago Color Dye for restoring color to leather and some fabrics in the same amount of colors as the polish.