Shoe Shine Kit

Suede Care Kit

Suede Care Kit
Suede Care Kit
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Taking care of suede is a little more work than regular finished leather but if you stay on top of it and waterproof suede regularly, have a professional suede brush to clean out any dust and dirt and a shampoo to clean it when necessary it will look good for a long time. Lincoln EZ Cleaner : This is a shampoo for your suede. Apply cleaner with clean cloth or sponge. Shampoo soiled area, then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Suede Brush: Brushing the suede raises the nap and removes dust and dirt from the suede.

Suede Eraser : Gently rub one of the coarse sides of the eraser back and forth over the spot or area to be cleaned. For touch spots, rub harder, allowing the eraser to crumble. Not included but here is a little hint. If you have a real stubborn stain or a shiny spot on the suede you can use a small piece of 151 grit sandpaper (very fine) to work on the suede. Use it lightly to bring up the nap, an old shoe repairman's trick.

Water and Stain Protector is for waterproofing suede and leather. It did not darken my boots when I used it but we always suggest that you test in an inconspicuous area before using.