Shoe Shine Kit

Step 6 Speed Shine or Super Shine

Step 6
Step 6
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For that final touch.

To finish off your shoe shine and give it a glossy shine especially on the toes you can use the Premier Speed Shine sponge. This is good for a quick shine too when you don't have time to do the whole process. Easy to use and stores well in your car or desk at work.

Premier Speed Shine
One step applicator sponge. A clear long lasting instant shine for all leathers and vinyls. Great for a quick clean and shine in office or while traveling.

If you like a real glossy shine you can use this after you give your shoes a full shoe shine. Just apply it and let it dry for that added shine.

Easy to use, simply wipe the applicator over each shoe. Reuse many times.
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Premier Speed Shine PREMSS
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