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Rochester Shoe Trees Split Toe Cedar Shoe Trees

Split toe Cedar Shoe Trees
Split toe Cedar Shoe Trees
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Cedar shoe trees keep shoes looking their best for the life of the shoe. This style has the pistol grip and the split-toe which is spring loaded to fill out the toe area more effectively. The aromatic cedar absorbs the odor in shoes and while drying out they retain their shape. The bar between the front and the back is spring loaded therefore holding the shoe tree firmly in the shoe preventing wrinkles and cracking.

Sizing chart based on Shoe Size:

Men's Size S --- Fits 6W-8M

Men's Size M --- Fits 8W-10M

Men's Size L -- Fits 10W-12M

Men's Size XL --- Fits 12W-14M

At this time we only have the men's sizes available in this style.