Shoe Shine Kit

Professional Shoe Stretcher and Liquid Shoe Stretch

Professional Shoe Stretcher and  Shoe Stretch
Professional Shoe Stretcher and Shoe Stretch
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A shoe stretcher can widen your shoes to give you the comfort that you need at the widest part of your foot, across the ball of your foot and in the toe area. Used in conjunction with Ra'lyn Shoe Stretch to open the pores of the leather, it works excellent.

Leave the stretcher in the shoe overnight for best results. There are also button inserts to stretch special areas such as where a bunion or bunionette may be. You can pull out the inserts if they are not needed.

Our stretches are professional quality with the metal rod down the center instead of the plastic so they will give your service for many years. They are the same stretchers used in our shoe repair shop.

A bottle of Ra'lyn Shoe Stretch is included with each stretcher.

Best quality stretcher, made in the USA.

Thought I might share a email that I received from a recent customer: Dear Shoeshinekit Company,

Thank You for the prompt shipment of my shoe stretcher. I have it already at work stretching my golf shoes for a more comfortable fit. The high quality of the stretcher is as advertised! Thank You very much. G.