Shoe Shine Kit

Shoe Polish

Shoe Polish, Tarrago Shoe Polish, Kiwi Shoe polish
Shoe Polish not only makes your shoes shine but also cleans, protects and conditions the leather. We carry, Kelly's Shoe Cream Polish, Tarrago Shoe Cream Polish, Kiwi Shoe Polish and Lincoln Stain Wax. Keeping your shoes polished not only makes them look good but will definitely make them last longer.

Join us on our blog to read one of our FAQs regarding the "Best Shoe Polish" or "When to Use Neutral Polish" The shoeshine kit usually has all colors available for fast shipping.

Tarrago is a cream polish available in many colors. Tarrago offers a leather dye also to coordinate with the polishes. Some of the colors are offered in a self-shine polish formula that only needs to be applied with the included sponge applicator with no brushing or buffing.

Kiwi Shoe Polish contains a blend of quality waxes which protect and nourish leather and produce a long-lasting, glossy shine. Lincoln Stain Wax is also a paste polish and has a little more of a color pigment therefore is called a stain wax and also give a glossy shine. First produced for the Military.

Heel & Sole Dressing refinishes and waterproofs around the outside of the sole and heel of the shoe. It puts a professional finish on your shine. This is also called edge dressing and is sold in brown and black. Fiebings Heels and Sole Dressing which is a water based product.