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Lincoln E-Z Cleaner

Lincoln E-Z Cleaner for Suede and Leather
Lincoln E-Z Cleaner for Suede and Leather
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Cleaner for suede, leather, nubuck, vinyl, linen, canvas, nylon, and satin

Lincoln EZ Cleaner has many uses. I think of this product as a suede shampoo but it can also be used as a wash for shoes before polishing and can be diluted to go a long way. It also does a great job on car seats and dashboards and leather sofa and chairs.

When we use this product we usually take a small bowl of warm water and a soft cloth or an old facecloth and dampen a section with the water and then pour some of the cleaner onto the wet cloth. Swish it around in the cloth and start washing down the item. You want to disburse it well, all over so as not to make a spot. Let it dry thoroughly. If it is suede that you are cleaning use a suede brush when dry to bring up the nap if it is a leather use a polish or a conditioner if needed.

As with all cleaner or polishes test it on an inconspicuous spot just to be sure you like the results. 8 oz.