Shoe Shine Kit

Leather care for Jackets Handbags and Car Seats


To keep your jacket looking good and the leather healthy periodically condition it with Ralyn Leather Lotion. The leather can also be treated with a water repellent such as M&B Pro-Tex Water and Stain Protector to help protect it from the elements.


The leather conditioners mentioned above cannot be used on suede. We do recommend using a water repellent such as M&B Pro-Tex Water and Stain Protector to help keep the suede clean and protect it from staining. As with all products, it should be tested first on an inside area to make sure the results are satisfactory. When applying, hold the can about 8" from the jacket, preferably outside on a dry,warm day. Spray the whole jacket evenly, let dry thoroughly and repeat.

When absolutely necessary leather and suede jackets can be professionally dry cleaned, however, this process can dry out the leather.


Cleaning and Conditioning Handbags

Lightly soiled leather handbags can be shampooed with a mild cleaner such as Lincoln EZ Cleaner or Foam Tex Gentle Foaming cleaner by Angelus with a soft cloth and warm water. We also recommend the Lincoln EZ Cleaner or the Foam Tex for cleaning suede along with a suede brush for the surface dust and to bring up the nap.

If you need something a little stronger for tough stains use Angelus 802 Spot Remover but use it cautiously to avoid taking the color out of the leather.

After cleaning, the leather needs to be conditioned. We suggest Tarrago Leather Balm or the Ralyn Leather Lotion. Apply with a soft cloth and let dry and then buff with another clean soft cloth.

If you wish to apply some dye to touch up some worn spots do so before conditioning. The Tarrago Self Shine Leather dye which is sold in over 90 colors is easy to use and does not rub off on your clothing.


To clean and condition

1. If dirty, vacuum well.

2. Wash down with a mild cleaner: Lincoln EZ Cleaner or Foam Tex, . Let dry thoroughly.

3. With a soft cloth or applicator pad apply a thin coat of the Lexol Conditioner or we also recommend the Ralyn Leather Lotion. Let dry and buff with a soft cloth, repeat 2 times. This will soften and condition the leather.

If they are not dirty you can just apply the conditioner and they will look great. Doing this regularly will keep the leather healthy and prevent drying and cracking.

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