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Kiwi Shoe Polish Regular Size

Kiwi Shoe Polish Reg. Size
Kiwi Shoe Polish Reg. Size
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Kiwi Shoe Polish is a paste polish and contains waxes that protect and nourish leather and produces a long-lasting, glossy shine. This is one of the most well-known shoe polishes on the market today.

Kiwi Shoe Polish comes in two sizes. The regular size is 1 1/4 oz. and the giant size is 2 1/2 oz. The regular size tin is available in Black, Brown, Neutral, Mahogany, Cordovan, Oxblood, Navy and White.

The 2 1/2 oz. is available in Black and Brown.

History of Kiwi Shoe Polish

"This is the most famous shoe polish sold in the world today. The white Kiwi bird on the red and black background makes this logo easily recognisable.

The company manufacturing the polish was set up as far back as 1906 by the Scotsman William Ramsey who named the product after his New Zealand wife. Kiwi first produced the boot polish in Australia before expanding to the UK in 1911."*

Kiwi Shoe Polish was widely marketed in the UK and the USA during Wold War I and II. It is now manufactured in the United States. The shoeshinekit usually has all colors available for immediate shipping.