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Heel and Sole Dressings

Heel and Sole Dressings
After you have applied your polish and shined your shoes there is one more step to really make them look fabulous: Heel and Sole Dressing. It is applied around the edges to seal the leather soles to make them look good and to waterproof and protect them from the elements and also finish off around the edge of the heel.

We have three choices for dressings. The Fiebings Leather Sole and Heel Edge Dressing is a water based product. It has the applicator attached to the lid and gives the edges a lustrous finish. There are no VOC's so it can be sent to CA or Canada. 4FL oz. container.

The Kelly's Heel and Sole Dressing is a petroleum based professional grade dressing. This is used a lot by the military because it leaves a glossier finish but it cannot be sent to CA or Canada because of the voc laws and is a flammable liquid. 4 FL Oz.

The Fiebings Sole Edge "polish" is a new formula effective on both leather and rubber soles and heels. The unique user-friendly package with a roll on applicator allows for neat and easy application. 0.6 FL. Oz.