Shoe Shine Kit

Heel and Sole Dressing

Heel and Soles Dressings are applied to the shoe after you are through with with polishing. They are applied to the outside edge of the soles and around the edges of the heel to finish of the shine.

We carry 3 different kinds of edge dressing.

1. Fiebing Heel and Sole Dressing is a water based product used on leather soles gives the edges a lustrous finish. 4 Fl. oz. container. No VOCs and can be shipped to California and Canada.

2 Fiebings Sole Edge and Heel Polish, Easy roll on applicator to polish sole edges and scuffed heels. This formula is effective on both leather and rubber soles and heels. The unique user-friendly package allows for neat and easy application. 0.6FL oz.

Kelly's Heel and Sole Dressing