Shoe Shine Kit

Beck Electric Shoe Polisher

Beck Electric Shoe Polisher
Beck Electric Shoe Polisher
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Best quality shoe polisher we could find. Made to last for many years of service and the only polisher manufactured in the United States.

The polishing buffers are very plush 100% lambs wool in red and black and are large enough to give a fine shoe shine. The cone that the buffers fit on is 3 1/2" long.

Lamb's wool stands up the the heat of polishing without leaving streaks and the powerful motor on this machine keeps spinning rapidly during normal usage.

It is perfect for that quick shine either at home or at the office and won't let you down.

In over 60 years of business, Beck Electric Shoe Polishers are recognized worldwide as the finest personal shoe polishers available.

Available in Black, Chrome finish. We only ship this product within the Continental USA.