Shoe Shine Kit

Dyeing Shoes

Dyeing Shoes
Somtimes you just get tired of a pair of shoes. Maybe they just don't seem to go with your outfits or maybe the color just needs to be refreshed. Dyeing shoes takes time and patience but can be very rewarding and fun to do.

The Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye that we use comes in many different colors, 6 of them Metallic colors and is recommended for leather, canvas and imitation leather. Not suitable for suede.

We recently dyed a pair of red shoes, navy blue to demonstrate. Here are the steps to the process. The dye also comes with instructions along with the preparer, a brush and a small sponge.

Step 1. The shoes must be cleaned before dyeing. The Tarrago Dyes come with a preparer that you can wash down the shoes to remove any build up of dirt, shoe creams or protectors on the leather that would prevent a correct application of the dye.

Step 2. I like to mask off the areas on the sole that I do not want to dye.

Step 3. Stir the dye well with a stirer or the paintbrush. If you shake it you will get too many bubbles and it takes a while for them to dissipate.

Step 4. Apply dye with the brush or the sponge in a light coat, VERY IMPORTANT. Let the first coat dye and repeat the operation to even up the color. Use a third coat if necessary but still keep them light.

Step 5. Let dry well, overnight is best and enjoy your almost new shoes.