The Shoe Shine Kit presents easy to follow instructions on "How to shine shoes in 7 steps" from the owner of The Cobbler's Corner with over 35 years of experience in shoe care and repair"

How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes

How to Shine Shoes 7 Steps
How to polish and shine your shoes from a man with 36 years of experience repairing and shining shoes.

Taking a pair of scuffed and well-worn pair of shoes or even a gently worn pair and giving them a new shoe shine can be a relaxing and satisfying experience. It is not hard to shine a pair of shoes and it is a good thing to know how to do. We hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions drop us an email.

1. Start by protecting the table or area that you are working on with a cloth or newspaper. The shoes should be cleaned before applying the shoe polish. If they are dusty take your shine brush and just clean them off and wash them with a damp cloth with either a little warm water or a leather cleaner if necessary. It is best to use a cleaner that is specifically make for leather so as not to damage it.

We have a couple leather cleaners available such as Lincoln EZ Cleaner or you might also like the foam cleaner Foam Tex.

After washing down the shoes let them dry a few minutes. If you have laces in the shoes you will probably want to remove them to keep them clean.

2. With an Applicator Brush or a soft cloth apply shoe polish, Kelly's , Kiwi, Lincoln or Tarrago of a corresponding color. Applying with a brush allows you to get into the crack and crevices where the stitching is which is important for waterproofing. Neutral polish is also available for use on any color shoes and if you do not need to restore color to the leather neutral might be all you need.

Let set up for about 3 minutes. This gives it time to setup and penetrate the leather.

3. Brush with a 100% Horse Hair shine brush, using one brush for black only and one for brown or colored shoes. The brush starts the polishing process and distributes and removes excess polish from the shoe.

4. Next use a Shine Cloth in a brisk side to side motion with the shoe on your foot or on a shine butler. You should have 2 cloths, one for Black and one for Brown or other colors.

5. Apply Heel and Sole Dressing to outside edges of soles and heels. Let dry thoroughly. This puts a nice finishing touch on the shoe shine and waterproofs the outside edges of the leather soles.

6. (Optional) Applying Shine Sponge will give your shoes an extra brilliant shine and it is good for a quick shine between full shoe shines.

7. Storing your shoes with Cedar Shoe Trees allows the moisture to dry while keeping their shape and preventing shrinkage. Shoe trees also keep them smelling fresh and extends the life of the leather.

We have many choices for shoe shine kit from just the contents to the Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit where you have a complete kit to maintain your shoes and keep them going for a long time.

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