Shoe Shine Kit

Caring for Ladies Shoes

Caring for Ladies Shoes
This is a quick refresher on how to polish shoes. Hope this is helpful.

1. Shampoo shoes with Lexol PH cleaner or Lincoln EZ Cleaner to get all the surface dirt off. It is a mild shampoo and will not harm the leather. Let dry.

2. Apply polish of corresponding color with an applicator or soft cloth, we also have foam applicators available. Let dry for about 3 minutes just to set up.

3. Brush with 100% Horse Hair shoe brush, have one for colored shoes and one for black shoes only. Brushing helps to distribute the polish evenly and get into difficult areas. Excess polish will rub off onto the brush which is good because when you use the shine cloth next you don't want too much polish on it.

4. Buff briskly in a Professional shine cloth. That should really bring out the shine.

5. Apply Fiebings Heel and Sole Dressing or Fielbings Heel and Sole Polish to the outside edges of soles and heels. Let dry thoroughly. This puts a nice finishing touch on the shoe shine. .

(Optional) 6. If you like a real shiny finish a Premier Speed Shine gives your shoes a high gloss shine.


Lexol PH cleaner applied liberally to patent leather cleans and makes them look shiny again.


We recommend Kelly's Dry Cleaner for taking off the black marks on white shoes. It works great but remember not to rub too hard and take the finish off the leather. After cleaning use White shoe polish to restore the finish, condition, shine and protect the leather. If the polish is not enough to cover you might try the Tarrago Leather Dye sometimes that is necessary. Stains and scuffs on white can be difficult sometimes.


The Meltonian Water and Stain Protector protects leathers and suede from water-based and oil based stains. Always test, but this product does not tend to darken leather or suede. Must do, especially the in rainy snowy months.

The dancers of the Argentine Tango might be interested in all the colors that Tarrago Shoe Cream comes in for their leather Tango Shoes.

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