Travel Shoe Shine Kit

Travel Shoe Shine Kit
Travel Shoe Shine Kit
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Sometimes when you are traveling your need a little more than the shine sponge that the hotel supplies to keep your shoes looking good.

This Travel Shoe Shine Kit is in a zippered bag to keep things secure while traveling it measures 8"X10"X3 1/2".

Inside it contains:

  • 2 Oval Brushes, 100% Horsehair one in Black and one in Neutral. They measure 5" long.
  • 3 Sponge Applicators to apply polish.
  • 2 Professional Shine Cloths, one for Black and one for different colors.
  • 3 Cans of Kiwi Shoe Polish, Black, Brown and Neutral.
  • 1 Premier Speed Shine Sponge for a quick shine.
  • 1 Professional Shoe Horn

  • Everything you need to keep your shoes looking good on the road.