Shoe Shine Box

Shoe Shine Box with Initial plate
Shoe Shine Box with Initial plate
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This Shoe Shine Box is great to have to keep all your supplies together. Our wooden shoe shine box measures 11" X 8" X 5 1/2" (not including the feet on the bottom) with a footrest on the top. It is made of Pine and nicely finished with a Red Mahogany stain and a clear lacquer finish. It has quality hardware and securely braced wooden feet on the bottom. The top is hinged in the back for easy access and latches in the front. This shoe shine box is made especially for The Shoe Shine Kit.

The engraved initial plate is free with the purchase of the shoe shine box, or one of the shoe shine kits in a wooden box. Please enter intials, first, middle and last, in that order. We will place it on the top of the box just in front of the footrest. This is the box that we use to make our Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit.

Our shoe shine boxes are sent UPS within the Continental US. Please check email for tracking info.