Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream

Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish
Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish
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In our last shipment some of the Meltonian Colors are not coming through true, therefore until this is resolved we will not be stocking the #10 Dark Brown, #11 Med.Brown and #171 White.

We are making these recommendations for substitutions in the meantime.

#11 Dark Brown = Tarrago has a Dark Brown #6, (very dark) or Tarrago #05 Mustang.

#10 Med.Brown = Tarrago #52 Nevada

#171 White = Tarrago #1 White

Meltonian Boot & Shoe Cream Polish conditions and nourishes by adding essential oils and waxes to prevent drying and cracking of the leather. Comes in an array of colors and gives you a beautiful shine while protecting your shoes from the elements.

The difference between the cream polish and the paste polish is the texture and the amount of wax. They both contain wax but the Meltonian contains conditioners also. They are also both good for your shoes protecting and feeding the leather.

The #170 Delicate Cream is often recommended for the care of Exotic leather boots. No color pigment but a nice sheen to it. Meltonian also has #183 Cleaner available in a jar and is not pictured, it looks very similar to the Neutral.

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Meltonian has discontinued some colors within the last couple of years and I know people miss some of them. Hopefully you can still find colors that work for you. Above is the updated color chart, all of these are available.

This is the older version: Old Version of chart.