Kiwi Shoe Polish, Giant Size 2.5 oz.
Kiwi Shoe Polish, Giant Size 2.5 oz.
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Kiwi Shoe Polish is probably the most well-known shoe polish in the US if not in the world. It was first produced in Australia and later in the UK and now in the USA by the S C Johnson Co.

This polish is a paste wax polish. It contains Carnauba Wax, the hardest of natural waxes to protect and nourish the leather and of course gives it a nice glossy shine.

Just apply it with an applicator or a soft cloth, let is set up for a couple of minutes and be absorbed into the leather. Then take your 100% Horse hair shine brush which is the best brush to bring out a brilliant shine to leather. I the brushing also distributes the polish into the crack and crevices of the shoe to seal it and protect it from the elements. After you have a nice shine with the brush then buff with a shine cloth and there you go a, beautifully shined shoe.

This item is the large can 2.5 oz. and is available in this size contain in Black, Brown, Tan, Mid Tan, and Cordovan. The Neutral is no longer available in the large can but we will substitute the Angelus Neutral for you. Another very good quality polish very similar to Kiwi.