Shoe Shine Kits

Shoe Shine Kit in all shapes an sizes. Any of these kits will keep your shoes looking their best and take care of your investment, because we all know good shoes are an investment today.

At this time we are offering Free Shipping on our Shoe Shine Kits in wooden boxes. There are three styles to choose from. Our shoe shine kits are made with the best quality brushes and shoe care products in a box that can be personalized and we are sure you will enjoy having it in your home to keep your shoes shining.

Deluxe  Shoe  Shine  Kit
Regular price: $92.00
Sale price: $89.00
Shoe Shine Kit
Shoe Shine Box
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $39.00
Gift Box Shoe Shine Kit
Shoe Shine Kit in Blue Cloth  Bag
Regular price: $47.00
Sale price: $44.00
Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit II
Shoe Shine Kit  Contents
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $37.00
Suede Care Kit