Kelly's Dry Cleaner

Kelly's Dry Cleaner
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4 oz. bottle.

I don't know if anyone knows where those black marks on your white shoes come from but they always seem to appear, and they are stubborn.

When a leather shampoo is not enough you sometimes need a liquid dry cleaning fluid. It is very effective and very strong. Put some on a clean soft cloth and wash down the item. Do not rub too hard because it can take the finish right off the leather. It is very strong and should be used in a very well ventilated area away from any fire, flame or cigarettes. Works great on cleaning suede bucks, and is very good for cleaner mildew from leather.

This is also the product you would use if you have many layers of wax on your shoes and you wish to strip them and start over with fresh polish.

This is a flammable liquid but can be sent USPS Parcel Select which is ground transportation or UPS ground. Cannot be sent to Canada or APO Boxes or to California because of VOC laws.