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How to Shine Shoes, 7 StepsDeluxe  Shoe  Shine  Kit<br><font color="ff0000">FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL USA</font></br>
Meltonian Shoe Cream Colors
Regular price: $2.98
Sale price: $2.75
Tarrago Self-Shine Color Dye-Leather dye
Tarrago Leather Care Balm
Regular price: $8.00
Sale price: $7.25
Classic Oak  Shoe Shine Kit<br><font color="ff0000">FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL USA</font></br>
Professional Shine Butler<br><font color="ff0000">FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL USA</font></br>
Tarrago Shoe Cream Polish     Over 90 colors
Regular price: $3.25
Sale price: $3.00
Beck Electric Shoe Polisher<br><font color="#ff0000">FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL USA</FONT></br>
Meltonian All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner
 Premium Gel Cream by Tacco
Shoe Shine Kit  "Contents"
Kiwi  Leather Lotion
Comfort Cushion Contour Insoles by J.T. Foote
Kiwi Shoe Polish Reg. Size
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $3.49
Suede Care Kit
Gift Box Shoe Shine Kit
Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish
Regular price: $6.75
Sale price: $5.75
Star Nylon Brush for Nubuck or Suede
Work  Boot Laces
Oak Shoe Shine Box
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $59.00
Silk Feet
Regular price: $7.50
Sale price: $6.00
Lambswool insoles
$6.00, 2/$10.00
Meltonian Water & Stain Protector
Boot Trees
Ra'lyn Shoe Stretch
Heel & Sole Dressing, Professional Grade
Lincoln E-Z Cleaner (Suede and Leather)
Regular price: $7.99
Sale price: $6.99
Tarrago 'Self Shine' Cream Polish
Regular price: $6.99
Sale price: $5.99
Fiebing's Sole Edge and Heel Polish
Meltonian Super Shine
Lexol Leather Conditioner
Regular price: $8.25
Sale price: $7.99
Lexol-Ph Leather Cleaner
Regular price: $8.25
Sale price: $7.99
Split-toe Cedar Shoe Trees
Kiwi Shoe Polish, Giant Size 2.5 oz.
Regular price: $6.35
Sale price: $5.99
Kiwi Parade Gloss Giant Size
Regular price: $7.75
Sale price: $5.99
Hoffco Liquid Shoe Polish
Large Shine Brushes 8"
Shoe Shine Brush 6"
Shoe Bags
Kiwi Parade Gloss Regular Size
Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Stain Eraser
Foam Polish Applicators
Regular price: $4.00
Sale price: $2.95
Professional Shine Cloth
Professional Suede Brush
Fiebings's Golden Mink Oil
Heel Savers with threaded nails
Dasco Professional Two-Way Shoe Stretcher
Premier Speed Shine
Meltonian Shoe Stretch
Cordo-Hyde Shoelaces for Men's Dress Shoes
Ra'lyn Scuff & Stain Remover
J.T.Foote Suede & Nubuck Care Kit

Welcome to our store featuring shoe and leather care products. After 25 years in the shoe repair business we have put together a selection of products and included instructions to help you make your shoes and leather goods look their best and last longer. Why let unkept shoes ruin your outfit? Every home needs a Shoe Shine Kit.

We also have Rochester Shoe Trees , Leather and Suede Cleaners , Lexol Leather Conditioner, and many other shoe care products.

We carry several brands of shoe polish, Lincoln Stain Wax Polish in 11 different colors along with Kiwi Paste Polish, Meltonian Cream Polish and Kiwi Parade Gloss. We also have Hoffco Liquid Polish and our new line of Tarrago Cream Polish in lots of new colors including the new Metallic colors so popular all year round.
Tarrago is a Cream polish and is also available in a Tarrago Self-Shine formula availabe in 11 colors and the Tarrago Self-Shine Dyes that coordinate with the 89 different colored cream polishes.

Our Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit makes a great Groomsmen's Gift or a Graduation or Birthday gift.

If you are not sure what you need send us an email, maybe we can help. Email: cobble@snet.net

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